13 March, 2013


Today we left Sebastian and Katharina in the best of hands, and I boarded a train bound for Edinburgh with my love and my littlest. We spent a large part of our day at the U.S. Embassy registering Philippa's birth and applying for a passport and completing everything else that comes with having a child born abroad. The second part of our day was spent searching for the Apple Certified computer repair store somewhere along Queen Street.

Philippa soaked up a whole day as an only child and we slowed the day down and drank in her sweetness. We've never been parents of one, and though it was simpler, we were eager to get back to our vivacious duo.

We poisoned ourselves and made the wrong decision by choosing McDonalds for lunch. Both Peter and I discovered afterwards that we haven't missed it one bit, will most likely never eat it again in our lives, and probably still abided by our vegetarian diets because there's bound to be no meat in a McDouble. (Hold the horse).

Every time we visit Edinburgh we say how we hope to settle there one day. We love gothic architecture and cobblestone streets and closes leading to underground pubs. Today was wonderful in all sorts of ways.

1. happy travellers 2. on the train 3. lovely sky 4. bundled-up 5. red church door 6. Waverley Bridge 7. Milne's Court 8. back at the station 9. Firth of Forth 10. sleeping traveler 11. in her own train seat


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  2. Looks like you had a great time - Philippa best of all! :)