26 March, 2013


Purification is a sweet and flowery blend packed with citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, lavandin, Melaleuca alternifolia, and myrtle. Its another oil I've been thankful to have on hand during the winter sick months as it is great at cleansing and sanitising. It can also be used topically on the skin to cleanse and soothe. 

Here are just a few ways we use Purification around our home:

AIR FRESHENER: Several drops with water in a spray bottle to freshen and cleanse the air. I especially like to spray this on our curtains and throw pillows. This same mixture can be used as a bug spray in the summer.

ITCH RELIEF: A drop applied directly to insect bites soothes and minimises itching.

PAIN RELIEF: A drop applied directly to cuts and scrapes soothes the wound.

BLEMISHES: A drop applied directly to blemishes helps to clear skin.

HAND SANITIZER: A drop rubbed between hands is another great alcohol-free hand sanitizer.

ODOUR CONTROL: Several drops on a cotton ball (here, cotton wool) placed in air vents, cupboards, musty rooms, etc. controls odour and pollution.

FLU PREVENTATIVE: A drop in the palm of your hand, mixed with a bit of coconut oil and applied around the inside of your nostril with a q-tip (British: cotton bud) wards off the flu.

There you have it, some of my favourite uses for Purification. It's sweet and refreshing, and possibly one of my favourite scents. Go grab yours!

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