03 March, 2013


Yesterday was high sun and mid-50's, and I couldn't get enough. This day probably goes down as one of our greatest days here yet.

I ran errands with Philippa in the morning, and stopped for tea at a newly-opened cafe downtown. Without the bulky double pram, we were able to stop in any and every little (read: tiny) shop our hearts pleased.

After lunch I took Sebastian and Katharina to the sea to burn energy before home group while Peter studied Aptitude Tests. I don't have much forethought when it comes to planning walks to the sea, and most certainly don't find time to check the surfers' websites for the tidal patterns.

It seems like more often than not we head over in the afternoon when the tide is so high it's crashing into the wall separating the hill the coastal path runs along from the sand. But this day was perfect.

The tide was out and we had what felt like miles of sand to tread with tiny feet. I let Sebastian and Katharina down and kept my distance so they could explore on their own. Sebastian took to running straight across the beach, and Katharina straight for the water.

1) the path we walk nearly everyday to the sea.  2) testing the wellies.  3) ecstatic.  4) out for a jog.  5) selfie.  6) beach babe.  7) love these two.  8) selfie #2.  9) like his father: he's never met a stranger.  10) shoeless bird-watching twins.  11) our magnificent beach.


  1. It looks like more often than not all of us head more than in the mid-day when the wave is so higher it's a crash into the walls separating the actual hill the actual coastal route runs together from the fine sand. But this very day was ideal.Very nice picture.

  2. Thanks for the post. When we had our little girl we didn’t really have a list, we just kinda tried to think of all we would need. The onezees that had the zippers were our favorite but i’ll have to check out those gerber ones for our next child.