25 October, 2014


Legend has it in France, fourteenth century, a group of thieves carried rosemary, clove, cinnamon and other spices to support their immune systems when robbing plague victims. So effective that the thieves were never sick, the Thieves essential oil blend was born. 

Thieves is packed with cloves for antimicrobial properties and cinnamon for purification, and so it smells like Christmas. It's a safe, natural antibiotic, an immune booster, air purifier, hand sanitizer, bug bite-soother.

Thieves is one of the oils we never leave home without. Here are some ways we use it around our home.

IMMUNE BOOSTER: A drop on the bottom of your feet will prevent sickness and boost your immunity, and I swear by this. We do this every day, and more religiously on the days we will be in close contact with people, and have escaped even the smallest of bugs this winter.

MOULD: Applied directly, it's a safe way to kill black mould. I know because our master bedroom was loaded with it when we moved in. I have friends who are still persisting with toxic bleach and chemical cleaners, and 4 months in after one application I am still waiting for the mould to return.

UTI: 2-3 drops in a glass of water twice daily killed a urinary tract infection in a day. I know the antibiotic prescribed for UTIs. Try Thieves.

ACNE: Apply topically to cleanse and clear acne.

SORE THROAT: Thieves is great rubbed directly over a sore throat at onset. It can cure, no matter how severe, in minutes. It should be diluted for more sensitive skin when applied to sensitive areas.

EAR ACHE: After a walk in the wind yesterday, I came home with an achy ear. 1 drop of Thieves blended with coconut oil and rubbed around the outside of my ear healed it.

GENERAL CLEANING: Though there is an actual Thieves household cleaner (which is the bomb), Thieves is so great at destroying airborne bacteria that it is also a fabulous household or bathroom cleaner. Dilute it with water and scrub away, and breathe in deep while you're at it. It's healthy.

HAND SANITIZER: 1 drop rubbed between your hands is a safe, alcohol-free hand sanitizer. I love to keep this on me when I know I will need to feed the baby away from home.

Go order your bottle of Thieves. A 15ml bottle will get you 250+ drops, and each drop goes a long way.