03 March, 2013


Today I'm telling you about a product I have fallen in love with in the past several months.

I was first introduced to Young Living's Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils last October, and I learned quickly these oils are special and cannot be purchased at any health foods store. I was within weeks of delivering Philippa, and eager to learn more and try them for myself, being told they had promised benefits for labour, delivery and post-natal recovery.

Our first oils collection arrived the week before Philippa was born and I spent those days reading testimonies and reviews, usage tips, and how-to's.

I admit, I was a little afraid to tear the packaging and plunge in. But I'm learning: you can't go wrong.

I will share more in the future on what I am learning about each individual oil and how we use them on a day-to-day basis in our home. I'll share the one we have never left the house without, the one we use daily to fight the nasty flu season (and have conquered! Not even a runny nose in this house), the one that takes away a scratchy throat in a minute, the one that calms my baby's achy belly, my favourites for cleaning. . .

Did I mention I love Young Living?


  1. Essential oils are a mom's best friend(s)!

  2. We just dove into the world of essential oils as well. But we went with doterra because that's what some of my friends were using. What made you pick young living?

  3. E, I chose Young Living first because my friend, now teacher, here uses only that kind. The more research I did, the more I felt like YL was the best choice for us. While YL stopped selling an oil that they tested and found lacked therapeutic elements, the manufacturer began selling to another "therapeutic grade" oil company. Gary Young has devoted his life to learning about and obtaining only the purest, richest and finest oils in the world.

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