22 April, 2013


Amber beads are one of our favourite things ever. I like to think because my children have consistently worn their amber teething beads from infancy onward, teething has been nearly a breeze. I have several other natural remedies for teething pain that I will share later, all of which have also been helpful to us in the sad process. But I do believe these beads are our favourite. 

More than teething and drooling relief, the beads have healing and calming properties that have been known to help boost immunity, and relieve dry skin and eczema.

Contrary to popular belief, babies do not chew on the beads. Amber is a resin, not a stone, and these necklaces work by warming against the skin and releasing small amounts of natural oils which are absorbed into the bloodstream. 

They must be kept under t-shirts or socks (if you choose the anklet type) to be effective. We chose necklaces, as the beads are more effective when worn closer to the pain source. Makes enough sense.

As with all things, be wary of imitation products. Fake amber is fake amber and has no health benefits. We purchase from Amber Pumpkin, since we saw positive results quickly with the first necklaces we bought. Plus, their customer service rocks.

The UK recently recalled infant teething beads as a choking hazard precaution, however, all three of my children have started wearing their necklaces from infancy and don't particularly notice when they are on. The beads can now be found listed as "children's health necklaces" within the UK.

Amber teething beads can be found in a variety of colours-- none of which have a different effect than the other. The colour is all personal, and they're all beautiful.


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