26 May, 2013


our view looking back, walking up to the farm.

proper football.
determined boy made it all the way through the castle tunnels with his Papa.

swings are always a favourite.

"no no, Pippa."
Hay is not for eating.

lunch view.

We've had some warm and sunny days here lately. Yesterday was 63°, and one of the most beautiful days yet this year, so we walked to Allanhill-- a fruit and animal farm less than a mile from our house. They're known for their berries-- not to mention the phenomenal views of St Andrews-- but have farm animals and a fantastic outdoor play area complete with a hay bale castle, seesaw, tire swing and sandbox, swings, slides, and play fort. Needless to say, our littles were beside themselves.

We spent three hours enjoying the play things, then had lunch at the little farm cafe.

A friend we ran into there said the animals are usually a hit as there are piglets and chicks and all sorts of darling farm creatures, but they were inside yesterday because of the heatwave.  

The seesaw was a favourite, and I had a teeny strawberry tart that I have a feeling I will crave. Our littles even came home with sunburnt cheeks (in Scotland, that is really saying something). It's safe to say we'll be back before the end of the season. 

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  1. Looks like fun! Love that the animals were inside because of the "heatwave."