06 May, 2013


Aside from my children dipping their hands right into the jar and eating straight from their fists, coconut oil is our main facial moisturiser.  We use it to create rubs with our essential oils, as a body moisturiser, we add it to our green drinks, apply it to scrapes and burns, and use it to condition our hair.

Coconut oil can boost your metabolism, and lower your cholesterol. It also contains vitamin E, so it's great for your skin and healing cuts, scrapes and burns. It is highly toxic to bacteria, viruses and funguses, so eat away.  It fights chronic fatigue and cancer and lowers your chance of diabetes. Basically, if you're wondering if coconut oil can be used for something, the answer is probably 'yes'.

Coconut oil can be purchased refined and without the natural coconut taste and smell. We use it virgin and raw, as pure as we can get. This oil tastes and smells strong-- like fresh coconuts.

Here is another great article that gets more into the composition and other health benefits of this miracle oil.

This is something we never let our house run out of. Here is a great source for 101 uses for coconut oil, and I am sure I could think of 899 more.

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