17 June, 2013


It's a great thing to sign for a house unseen and be completely surprised by the beauty of it when you arrive.

These pictures don't do the place justice.

We're the highest apartment in an old building of four flats, one to a floor. There's a gorgeous keyed main entrance at the ground level with a 10'+ solid wood door and big brass knobs.

Up three flights of stairs and you're at our door. The fourth set of stairs are actually inside our flat, which is great, because the stairs themselves are stunning. Also, they're perfect for little legs to practice climbing.

We've got a beautiful foyer, living room, and kitchen. There are two large bedrooms, and when we got here we discovered an unadvertised "nursery" (or box room, study, etc) directly off of the master bedroom. There's also a bathroom and proper old-fashioned loo (yes, they're in separate rooms), too.

All the rooms have huge old windows with the original folding wooden shades and brass fixtures throughout. Our bathtub has claw feet.

We've been very blessed. The place is perfect for us, and we keep repeating how much we love the floor plan for our family. And it's for sale too. Too bad buying a home is nowhere in our plans for the near future.

And that's us. We're all unpacked and settled now, and Peter's first day at the office was today. We do have room for visitors, so please stop by!

here are the littles bus-watching outside a market.


  1. What a gorgeous flat! I especially love the railings on the staircase and the fireplace.

    I know how it feels to fall entirely in love with a temporary property. We ended up in our current house entirely by accident (our lease fell through nine days before we were meant to move into another property, so we picked this one off the letting agency's website in a rush) but it's the perfect size and location we'd be looking for when we want to buy somewhere. So it's a pity the landlady wants to move back in next month ;) Still, we've been blessed with ten months in this house, and now we know what we're looking for in the future!

  2. Oriana Kelly-SaltaleggioJune 18, 2013 at 5:25 PM

    Look absolutely amazing Angela!!! Wow, so glad you guys are settling in well:-) xox