21 June, 2013


One of my favourite things of not owning a vehicle is that we're forced to walk everywhere. And far more often than not, it has its perks. Not once have we regretted our decision to spend these years motor-less.

But sometimes, an intended 31-minute walk can take an hour. A beautiful, leg-aching hour.

Enter our trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Established in 1670, the gardens are quite something. There's enough to see to last a full afternoon, and little ones enjoy watching waterfalls and climbing old stone stairs (don't pick the rhododendrons).

The West end of the gardens connects with Inverleith Park, so to wrap up a full morning and afternoon, the littles and I shared a picnic there after the gardens.

Given a more direct route and more time to explore, I think we'd like to go back soon for more peat walls and rock gardens, as we only grazed the surface yesterday.

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  1. We're the same on not owning a car. It has so many benefits! We explore places closer to home that we might not have noticed, and it means we view a lot of things at a slower, more relaxed pace. I used to say that we'd get a car when we had kids, but you guys seem to managing just fine ;)

    Also, Simon's grandparents used to take him to the Royal Botanics all the time when he was that age. Sounds like a great place to take little ones!