24 June, 2013


(These photos are from Saturday's picnic at Princes Street Gardens and the playground just beneath the Edinburgh Caste).

Sebastian calls himself "'bass" and his sisters are affectionately 'rina and Pippa. His love for broccoli has resurfaced (thank the Lord). He takes his lovey everywhere and is resisting the breaking of the "pass-ya" (read: paci). He climbs the walls and cleans the floors [with baby wipes] and needs at least two kisses for every "ouch".

Katharina can walk faster than me and puts her shoes on the right feet by herself. She's learned jumping on the couch is fun and asks to go on the potty (still no success stories; we haven't officially begun the process). She has developed her very own language and will carry on lengthy conversations with whoever is fortunate enough to make eye contact.

Philippa Byrde is a crawler now. As of this week, she is a sweet potato eater too, since she started making her presence known at 2AM; we decided 7.5 months was delayed-weaning enough. Her lower gums are puffy and white, but still not a single tooth.

she has him w r a p p e d around her chubby little finger.

Peter is loving his internship and can't believe how fast the time is flying. He's clocking a lot of hours trying to finish a 40-page project and 30-minute presentation in 4 weeks. Though he's never said it, I see he's missed the days of picking up his suit at the dry cleaners and shining his shoes every other night. About every day he talks about the possibility of returning to the States for a quick visit this summer (this may or may not be a driving factor); he also has a birthday coming next week. . . Also, we love him to bits.

My favourite place is the outdoor Stockbridge Market that runs every Sunday through the year, where I can shamelessly indulge in homemade shortbread and jams and sample cupcakes and olives and teas to my heart's content.

We've had at least one outing every day since we've moved in, but today is our first day we have nothing planned. I'm drinking up the weekends when my husband is out of the office, with no papers to write or exams to revise for. 

This time here has provided far more than we even anticipated, and I think we're all overwhelmed with the blessings and opportunities before us. God is good, life is good.


  1. So very happy for you all. <3

  2. The Stockbridge Market sounds fantastic! I'm sensing a trip may be necessary once we're settled in Edinburgh. Your blog is proving very insightful into Edinburgh life, making us excited for the big move on Tuesday :)