24 July, 2013


in Pittsburgh, our last date before Peter headed back to Edinburgh.

my in-laws. some of the most wonderful, hilarious people in my life. 
these cousins are 6 days apart. Philippa is oldest.  : )

all day, every day.

Sorry for the long silence, but we're now settled with my family in Detroit for the next couple weeks before the littles and I hit the road again to see more friends and family here in the States. Peter is safely back in Edinburgh where he'll complete an extended 2-month internship while the littles and I have a holiday. We all miss him loads already but the anticipation of our sweet reunion is keeping us going.

Wondering about our transatlantic flight with three under two? We're thrilled to have only positive things to report. None of the children made a single fuss, all napped, and Sebastian and Katharina especially, were ecstatic to be in the air. We really couldn't have asked for a better journey.

I hope to not have such a long silence on here the rest of this summer! Check back again soon.

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  1. I have been checking every day, sometimes multiple times a day, since you left my house for this update. :) Very glad to see some pictures! :)