10 July, 2013


Napping together. 
For our children, nap time is determined by us as the parents, and not by the child. This has enabled us to continue our social schedule (yes, even when we had a newborn). And that has always been important to us.

When Philippa was a newborn and eating every 3 hours through the day, her nap times were often a bit staggered with Sebastian and Katharina's. However, as she's gotten older and stretches longer between feeds without negatively affecting my milk supply, we purpose to make Sebastian and Katharina's afternoon nap match with hers.  Philippa’s afternoon nap is typically 2-2.5 hours and Sebastian and Katharina will sleep for 4. You can see what a large gap of time this gives me in the afternoon.

Our afternoon may look similar to this:

noon: lunch together
1pm: naps
3:30pm: Philippa wakes, nurse
5pm: Sebastian and Katharina wake
(playtime until dinner)

Of course there are occasional days when one child ends up "off"

and he needs a nap an hour earlier than the other two, and therefore maybe wakes before the others even go down. When I have a sick child, this is often the case-- the sick one needs more sleep than the healthy. The under-the-weather one may wake from their nap just as the other two are going down. 

Here is what that means-- the opportunity for quality time with one. Take it.

But in general, structuring nap time holds loads of benefits, including but not limited to social flexibility, quiet/personal time, dinner prep time, grab-a-baby-sitter-and-run-errands time. . .

Don't allow your life to cease
And make time for what is important to you. 

When Sebastian and Katharina were 11 days old Peter and I went on our first date as parents. We had visitors over the night Philippa was born. Obviously, you know what your body can take, and do not push yourself post-partum; a short hiatus from normalcy is normal. But don’t become swallowed in multiple young children that you lose what you are to be about and what you love. 

When my children were smaller it would take upwards of 30 minutes for us to get out the door, often just to get out for 30 minutes.

But as mother, you can make getting out the door an exciting activity or a hectic mess
Everyone feels better when you keep active and it is healthy for all of you. With and without your babies make time for what you love, be active, and get out.


  1. I agree with structured naps completely! How long do your children sleep at night? My children will only take 4 hour naps if they're exhausted or ill.

    1. Sebastian and Katharina sleep between 12-14 hours, and Philippa is just slightly shorter.