24 July, 2013


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Quality time.
In the final weeks of my pregnancy with Philippa we focused a lot of energy on going out of the way to make special time with Sebastian and Katharina. This may look different for every family. For us it involved a trip to the aquarium, panting nails for Katharina, one-on-one dates with each of them, etc. It was really important to both Peter and I that, in our excitement for baby no. 3's arrival, we didn't lose focus of who and what were right before us, and how things would never be that way again.

This has become our life motto. Well, one of them. 
With three children one and under, we do need a little bit of routine. But truth be told, I am not a schedule person, or even a routine person, and neither is my husband. We don't run a tight ship.

We can't stress or panic when the baby wakes early and we haven’t finished reading to the toddlers.  The baby won’t starve. Read to all three of your darlings. When Monday got off on the wrong foot and the newborn needs nursed (which may still require a totally still mama and two hands) and the toddlers can’t spoon feed themselves oatmeal, you make it work. Maybe the baby waits ten minutes, or the toddlers start with apple slices. 
We’ve taken and left a lot of parenting methods, but this is universally true: your baby will, at some point, sleep through the night, and he won't meet his bride at the altar with a pacifier in his mouth. 

Whatever parenting techniques you personally choose to implement, here is the bottom line: you can’t schedule spilled milk (if you even drink it); you roll with the punches. And please, happily take them as they come, because they’ll be gone before you even feel the sting. Both the babies and the chaos.

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