29 August, 2013

28 August, 2013


By summer Saugatuck is a bustling tourist attraction, and by autumn they say, the tourists leave and the town population decreases by 9,000.

We bumped into Debby in a wee cafe in St Andrews the day after we arrived last fall. Our twins attracted Debby, who didn't believe we were also American, and conversation came naturally.

In those minutes of talking we learned we had a lot in common: home birthing, homeopathic medicine and non-vaccinating; both Americans in a foreign land, we also worshipped the same God.

Several days later we bumped into Debby again on the street, this time with her husband. We arranged dinner plans and talked late into the night as if we had been friends all along.

John and Debby were an instrumental part in our "settling" in St Andrews. They became our childrens' adopted grandparents and are now known as Bebe and Pop. Debby is my essential oils teacher, she was with me through labour with Philippa and they played a grandparents' role in spending the morning with Sebastian and Katharina while Pippa was born.

And so, Saugatuck, MI has a special place in our hearts. Two weeks ago John and Debby packed 11 suitcases and brought their lives back from a year in Scotland.

We are so thankful to have them in our life and words can't describe how much they'll be missed in St Andrews this year.

Here are some photos from a busy weekend visiting them on Lake Michigan. Enjoy!

18 August, 2013


The house is entirely quiet and it's nice right now because once we hit four weeks into this journey, something happened.

It was as if my children all cried at once we've had enough. One stopped sleeping through the night and one learned how to throw a tantrum and I had to start keeping a spoon within arms' reach.

I'm not a decisive person, and somedays I would give myself a headache trying to decide if it was disobedience or confusion or does she just need her father?

Thirteen. The number of days left until my sweet husband returns for us.

This is his last full week of work and he travels to Paris on Friday and the weekend after he travels to us. This is how I calculate everything.

I'm a little bit tired as I write this. My baby woke more last night than she ever did as a newborn. And when the sun came up she was still fussing and the big kids woke and it was breakfast time.

I took a nap after serving them some blueberry yoghurt and woke rejuvenated and my baby was singing a beautiful song.

His mercies are new every morning.

She went to sleep after lunch and I had precious quiet time with my son while my daughter sat next to her grandpa and picked out twinkle twinkle little star on the piano. Later they laid together on my stomach and asked for back scratches before nap time and when I asked if they loved me they chimed, "yess!" as if I was silly for asking and who made them? God.

I am so blessed.

Thirteen days. In light of forty-one, it's nothing.

I can't believe how fast the time has flown. Once again, I am surprised at how we've been sustained. I'm surprised at the peace we've felt and how right this is. Because it is right, almost how much easier it has been.

Thirteen days.

"You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life. . ." 

16 August, 2013


Yesterday we visited Living Treasures Wild Animal Park with my mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and nephews. We packed a picnic and spent all morning and into the afternoon exploring the park. 

Sebastian loved the tiger and pony ride, Katharina's favourites were the pony ride and Highland calfs, and Philippa and I were smitten with the little white colt.

I was happy to find there were still a lot of baby animals even though it is August, and we all loved the freedom to feed and/or pet whatever animals we safely could.

If we have the opportunity, we'll definitely be going back; this was another day very well spent.

08 August, 2013

We've had a fun-filled couple of weeks, and it's not about to stop. We finished last week with a graduation party for one of my brothers and a reunion with bits of family from both my mom's and my dad's side. We've spent this week with various friends in Ohio, and this weekend we leave for Pittsburgh to see Peter's family.

We're having a great time so far, but wishing Peter could be here with us. We're counting down-- 24 more days!

04 August, 2013


Philippa makes our hearts soar. She's 9 months old today and likes walking with our hands, napping the afternoons away, and chasing after the cat.

She has a special friendship with her big brother; their faces light up whenever they see each other and he takes looking out for her seriously.
Katharina likes to herd her like a sheepdog to cattle, change her diapers, and take her clothes off.

Pippa's eyes are a sparkly blue and her hair is the blondest of all our children. She has soft porcelain skin and a single dimple on her left cheek.

Here you can see Sebastian and Katharina at 9 months, with Katharina in the same dress!

01 August, 2013


A lot of people are asking how we've been doing without Peter. We are 10 days in, and I'm thankful to report sailing has been mostly smooth. 

The first several days I entirely underestimated how being away from Peter might affect the littles. On day two we talked to him on Facetime and Sebastian sobbed "Papaa".

I do purpose to talk of him a lot with them, and before bed every night we pray for him and talk about him. They usually ask for him at breakfast, but they do seem to understand that he is away working and will be back soon (and on an airplane). Yesterday Katharina asked for him and Sebastian cleared things up, "No. Papa airplane. Work." 

The first few transitional days behind us, and we're now doing well. I could never say I don't miss him, but I am so very thankful this feels more "right" than I expected. 

I am sure in tired, near-sleepless moments I will feel more weary, but I am thankful for peace.  I am thankful I have an abundance of energy. I am thankful we made this decision, and that the Lord has sustained us and comforted us. I am thankful He is our Rock. I'm thankful the children do seem to understand enough. It's hard to be apart, but we're all seeing the many, many blessings in doing this.

Thanks so much for all your love and prayers. I will try to update again soon!