01 August, 2013


A lot of people are asking how we've been doing without Peter. We are 10 days in, and I'm thankful to report sailing has been mostly smooth. 

The first several days I entirely underestimated how being away from Peter might affect the littles. On day two we talked to him on Facetime and Sebastian sobbed "Papaa".

I do purpose to talk of him a lot with them, and before bed every night we pray for him and talk about him. They usually ask for him at breakfast, but they do seem to understand that he is away working and will be back soon (and on an airplane). Yesterday Katharina asked for him and Sebastian cleared things up, "No. Papa airplane. Work." 

The first few transitional days behind us, and we're now doing well. I could never say I don't miss him, but I am so very thankful this feels more "right" than I expected. 

I am sure in tired, near-sleepless moments I will feel more weary, but I am thankful for peace.  I am thankful I have an abundance of energy. I am thankful we made this decision, and that the Lord has sustained us and comforted us. I am thankful He is our Rock. I'm thankful the children do seem to understand enough. It's hard to be apart, but we're all seeing the many, many blessings in doing this.

Thanks so much for all your love and prayers. I will try to update again soon!

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  1. Oh, how precious. Love and prayers always.

    These pictures are so beautiful, by the way.