28 August, 2013


By summer Saugatuck is a bustling tourist attraction, and by autumn they say, the tourists leave and the town population decreases by 9,000.

We bumped into Debby in a wee cafe in St Andrews the day after we arrived last fall. Our twins attracted Debby, who didn't believe we were also American, and conversation came naturally.

In those minutes of talking we learned we had a lot in common: home birthing, homeopathic medicine and non-vaccinating; both Americans in a foreign land, we also worshipped the same God.

Several days later we bumped into Debby again on the street, this time with her husband. We arranged dinner plans and talked late into the night as if we had been friends all along.

John and Debby were an instrumental part in our "settling" in St Andrews. They became our childrens' adopted grandparents and are now known as Bebe and Pop. Debby is my essential oils teacher, she was with me through labour with Philippa and they played a grandparents' role in spending the morning with Sebastian and Katharina while Pippa was born.

And so, Saugatuck, MI has a special place in our hearts. Two weeks ago John and Debby packed 11 suitcases and brought their lives back from a year in Scotland.

We are so thankful to have them in our life and words can't describe how much they'll be missed in St Andrews this year.

Here are some photos from a busy weekend visiting them on Lake Michigan. Enjoy!

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  1. It makes me sad to think of them not with you in Scotland this year. Glad you got to visit with them, though!

    p.s. it looks like 'Rina has filled out that little bathing suit pretty well! :D