17 September, 2013


Here are some recipes I can't wait to try this autumn:

This APPLE CAKE looks moist and meaty and a perfect use for all the apples falling here.

I made these FRUIT SNACKS early in the summer and they were a hit. Perfect for on the go.

I had a variation of these SPICY CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS  at my parents' house this summer and  have craved them ever since. The lettuce wrap is a delicious idea. I think I'll add these to next week's menu. Maybe even a beans, rice and cheese variation one night?

I'm not a mayo eater, but my darling husband is. I hope to give this MAYO recipe a shot this fall.

We've been wanting to incorporate more PESTO into our meal rotations.

Lastly, these LEMON & VANILLA CREAM SANDWICHES look other-worldy-ly. I don't care if they're summery. (Also this blog is gorgeous. I found the recipe for our twins' birthday cake here).

Happy Tuesday, everyone. It's sunny in St Andrews!


  1. Make sure your eggs are room temperature. I have made my own mayo, and found that warm eggs do better. Homemade mayo is so yummy! Oh and if you have a vitamix, it whips it up really fast and thick!

  2. I was going to try the mayo recipe as well. I can't wait to try! I have also made the chicken lettuce wraps and the fruit snacks. Both are great! Wes devours the fruit snacks. :)