15 September, 2013


Here I am, catching up and going backwards on a Sunday afternoon.  Things have been a bit crazy with unpacking and sorting finances and turning on internet and filling our empty fridge and visiting all the favourite people and places we have missed.

In the many times Peter and I have moved together, we've consistently purged at the beginning and end of each move. This time, we've made half a dozen trips to charity shops, dropping off stuff that we don't need.

We were without internet here until yesterday morning, but now that things are golden I hope to get back on track with blogging. Thank you for being patient! Coming back here is always joyous, but a huge transition with lots of gritty, time-consuming logistics to untangle.

A week ago today, we spent the sunny afternoon roaming the Old Course [photos].

It is so very good to be back.

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  1. You all look good wherever you go, but somehow you really seem at home over there. :)