28 September, 2013


I am in awe of my children.

They're tender, adventurous, and bold. Today they're two, and I am sure they're braver than I was at two.

They're deep and intelligent and put together pieces I didn't know were missing.

They're the children we longed for and prayed for and every day are thankful for.

Sebastian is thoughtful, tender, and observant. He's gentle and the kindest big brother our girls could ask for. He's eager to help and share. He asks to hold Philippa and voluntarily hugs Katharina and holds my face to pulls me close when he wants a kiss.

He loves the moon, yoghurt, backhoes, new clothes, and dogs.

And Katharina is a fireball. She's is a mini mother hen. She's passionate and hilarious and makes me pull my hair out. She's been caught pinning her brother to the floor for diaper changes and loves counting, reading and helping in the kitchen.

She sings and hops and twirls just about everywhere she goes and hates her hair in her face.

She has an opinion about her clothes and the colour of her nail polish and never wants my hair tied up in a bun.

I swear they stand taller today. Their faces aren't quite so round and now they speak in sentences. They've changed our lives for the better, and we couldn't be more thankful.

Happy second birthday, little treasures!

(You can read a bit about Sebastian and Katharina's births here).


  1. I can't believe how grown up they are...they are so adorable! Happy Birthday Katharina and Sebastian!

  2. Happy, happy birthday sweet ones! So glad they were born. The world is sweeter with them in it.

    And those newborn pictures? GAH. The wrinkly-newness!