25 September, 2013


This week is a busy and super one.

Monday mornings we walk to a playgroup about 3 minutes from our house. We sing, read, share snacks and have free play. Sebastian and Katharina love it, and Pippa is now becoming big enough to enjoy it as well.

Tuesday Philippa and I were invited to a "Mama's and Babies" picnic. Sebastian and Katharina tagged along and had fun play time with the other older siblings.

Wednesdays we have a music playgroup that meets at the first church we attended here. It is nearly all local or other foreign ladies and run by several older British women. 

Our twins turn two on Saturday. T W O. I am so excited to have two-year-olds. This is one of my favourite ages.

Sunday we're planning a party for Sebastian and Katharina's birthday and this week we tested out the cake recipe to be sure it passed. We all had a piece or two and Peter suggested a few changes; the leftovers we took to share at playgroup this morning. 

We have a couple special gifts hiding for  Sebastian and Katharina, and the piƱata was just delivered yesterday. We'll be making chocolate cupcakes and a sugar-free coconut flour cake frosted with honey buttercream. And ice cream of course, and double cream for the Brits.

Happy Wednesday. Hope your week has been great, too!

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