04 October, 2013


Today Philippa is 11 months, and she's entered this age with a mean growth spurt that wakes her hungry three times a night.

Though by day you'd never guess how much she'd been awake through the night. She continues to be a little doll.

She appropriately nods 'yes' and 'no' to what food she'd like, which toys she'll have, and if she would like to go to bed (always 'yes', but never really an option).

Her giant smile now shines with four pearly whites, the last two of which were a nuisance to cut. But they're here now, and she's glad of it because that means she can eat a whole lot faster.

She folds her hands when we say it's time for prayer, says 'mama', 'papa-papa', and 'nanana' (banana). She yells when her siblings yell and laughs when they laugh. She likes to furniture walk, climb stairs, and sit on the dishwasher door.

It has been a joy watching her mature and develop, interact with her siblings, and comprehend more and more. I'm praying this next month passes s l o w l y.

Pippa's bell rattle, identical to her papa's as a child, can be found here.

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