17 October, 2013


We're four days into potty training and it has gone better than I imagined. Katharina is a star. Today we've had more hits than misses, and every time I clap louder than her.

But yesterday was tough. 

Peter had to work late and the night before I only got a few hours of sleep and we've got some difficult things going on with people we love. I doubted, I struggled, and I was independent. I surrendered my joy and clung to my worries and fears and I should have clung to the Cross.

My attitude was far from acceptable and I blamed it on whatever I could think of when I should have admitted my sin. 

Things changed before Peter got home last night, and my heart became malleable once more. During my quiet time yesterday afternoon I realised this simple truth: 

God is either good, or He is not.

There is nothing in between, and I know from kindergarten Sunday school, He doesn't change.

Three words transformed my day, and have been lingering in my mind through everything I do today, and I hope everyday. 

No matter the trial, the fatigue, the anguish. The frustration, the sadness, the hurt. No matter how many times she misses the toilet and how many nights he has to work late. No matter how few hours of sleep I run on and how many days of constant rain.

God is good.

I can truly, confidently, unequivocally say that. 

He is good.


  1. Such a simple but important reminder. Wonderful to hear on this Thursday morning. :)

  2. Your photos are beautiful, Angela. The new camera looks great! Thanks for this post. You are wise, friend! - Andrea

  3. Love everything. The words and photos. <3

  4. Really beautiful, Angela. Praying for peace for you guys! You and Peter have lovely children. We miss you!

  5. So beautiful. The reminder and the pictures!

  6. (Also, is it just as crazy to you as it seems to me, that last year this time those red pajamas Philippa is wearing were barely fitting Sebastian? :) They grow so fast!)