26 October, 2013


This morning we left for the beach with such excitement that we managed to lock ourselves out of the house. For the first time ever.

We ran errands and waited for maintenance to come with their set of keys before roaming the West Sands Beach.

I hope one day our children know how fortunate they are to grow up here. Right now they just think they own it.

photo by PH.

photo by PH.
Katharina could spend her entire days collecting shells and splashing in the water and would never feel as if she'd missed a thing.

And Peter has had a fairly quiet weekend following a week that knocked our socks off. We're thankful to have had this family time since none of us can get enough of him.

Byrdie slept through it all and only woke for these pictures just before we headed home.
photo by PH.
photo by PH.

Things are wonderful here; happy Saturday!


  1. Oh, my gosh! You nailed these shots. They are stunning, and capture the sea perfectly.

    You guys are such a gorgeous family. I love K's hair up, and that first picture of Seb made my eyes water happy tears. Love you all!