15 November, 2013


This year we took the little ones to their first All Hallows' Eve party. Sebastian and Katharina were excited to wear their costumes out of the house, and by the end of the party they had "trick-or-treat?" down. (We are very thankful to the family that passed out clementines. Our little cuties (see what I did there?) knew no better and feasted on oranges).

In Scotland the kids are expected to perform a song, a wee dance, or something similar to "earn" their  treat. 

This was an attempt to win back All Hallows' Eve; and while we don't necessarily support where Halloween has gone, we have no qualms with our children dressing up, eating a few treats (or doing a jig to earn them), and having a good time with their little friends.

And it was a good time.

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