04 November, 2013


Philippa Byrde is super special to us.

After our twins, we together decided we would wait a bit before having baby number three.

But God.


(I always love that phrase in the Bible).

He had other plans. And every single day we are thankful He did.

Because in His plan, was Philippa.

She came thirteen months after her siblings were born and a whole week past her due date. My pregnancy with her was seamless. There are few things I love more than being pregnant and I treasured every day of those 41 weeks.

She was born quickly and was without a name for almost the entire day. She was born at home, because we wanted it to be a family affair with hands off, non-interventive assistance where necessary. I wanted dim lights, gentle voices, happy energy.

I wanted to be able to labour as I felt my body needed, I didn't want strangers walking about. I didn't want pressure. I didn't want my body to be doubted. I wanted natural pain relief. I wanted it photographed.

I wanted my husband to be my main side-kick and my children with me immediately after she was born. I wanted to rest in my own bed and bathe in my own tub.

The Lord was gracious in granting me every one of those wishes.


Here's Philippa Byrde. One year old today. None of us could live without her.

Happy first birthday, Byrdie!

We are celebrating Pippa tonight with special gifts, a couple close friends, and yellow coconut flour cake with raspberries.

You can read Pippa's birth story here.

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  1. Happy birthday, sweet Philippa! And I love that phrase too, Angela! God's plans are so much better than we could have ever dreamed up for ourselves. She's a darling little girl- love seeing all those pictures. Hopefully life one day will take us both in the same area. :)