23 November, 2013


You could spot the sunset here at 3:48 this afternoon, and it is due to rise shortly after 8 tomorrow morning. When you hear people saying these parts get short winter days and very little sun, believe it.

(We love Scotland).

Our past two winters here, the darkness didn't slow me down in the least bit, but for some reason this year it's gotten to me a bit more.

We've hung twinkle lights in the living room, diffuse citrus fresh, take vitamin D3, and the littles and I drink liquid chlorophyll in orange juice daily. Sometimes we have dance parties or do jumping jacks to get our hearts pumping, and sometimes we shut ourselves in the tiniest room in the house and read stories in front of the heater.

Below is a list of busy "preschool" things we're tackling on our home days this winter.  Please share your favourite things to do with your toddler(s) in the comments!

  • water colours. These are a total hit. The trickiest part is keeping the water in the cups.
  • crayons & coloured pencils. We could colour all day long if there was time. 
  • read. They wouldn't mind if I read stories until my voice went hoarse.
  • play doh. My children ask for it every afternoon, and never mind if the baby chewed a piece of white doh. Katharina's favourite thing to make is a doh-baby swaddled in more doh. She brought "her" to dinner tonight and put her in Byrdie's highchair.
  • sticker books. Forever. And great for motor skills.
  • pipe cleaners. Bend them, fold them, twist, twirl. Animals, glasses, dolls. The opportunities are endless.
  • popsicle sticks. We'll create letters or houses or roads for tiny trucks with these.
  • puzzles.
  • tea parties with the twinkle lights on. We had our first proper tea party yesterday during Pippa's morning nap. It was complete with a tea pot and biscuits from the baker. Sebastian and Katharina felt like a million bucks, and they even learned to hold their pinky finger out; we will definitely be doing it again soon.
  • dry erase board/chalk board for letters, numbers & shapes. Proudly, Sebastian knows just about the entire alphabet now, and Katharina is a star at shapes. They love when I draw things for them to name.
  • bowls, measuring cups & water. Great for hand-eye coordination, measuring, and pouring skills.
  • bake. We love to bake cookies, and eat them too.

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  1. These ideas are fabulous, and I can't wait to try some with my toddler. :) One of our favorites is block towers.