18 December, 2013


Sometimes before her afternoon nap Philippa begs me to take her out for some photos. I love when she does that.

This year she's really grasped the concept of opening presents, and she can't wait to help everyone out.

We purposed to do Christmas small and simple this year. We've also been striving to give more to people in need-- whether donating boxes of toys or giving a small Christmas gift to the Big Issue lady outside the grocery. We want our children to grow up delighting in giving to others, and believing the truth that it is better to give than to receive. 

We bought each of the children one special present from us, a couple of things to share, and filled their stockings. Plus they have things to open from grandparents and aunts and uncles.

We plan to spend the entire day relaxing and keeping cosy. We'll read and talk about the Nativity story, sing the little ones' favourite Christmas songs, and of course have a big dinner.

We're also starting a new tradition this year where we all open pyjamas Christmas Eve to wear to bed and stay in nearly all of Christmas Day. 

What Christmas traditions does your family have? 

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  1. We started a new tradition this year to count down the days to Christmas. Once daily the children open a numbered envelope to reveal a Christmas type activity to do together. Some are simple, such as reading a Christmas book, decorating an ornament, drinking hot cocoa, or watching the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. Some are two parts, like baking cookies one day and then delivering them to others the next day. We have a day for donating toys and a day to make a gingerbread manger. I found the idea on a blog and we're enjoying it so far :)