10 December, 2013


This morning was cool and crisp and a great chance to get out to play.  We've had quite a few bitter cold days here recently and this week's mid-50ºF has been very welcome.

We walked to the park not even a quarter of a mile from our house to throw pinecones (which Sebastian at first mistook for pineapples) in the stream, take pictures in the field, and fly to the moon on the swings.

I love autumn, and I love these little ones far more. 

Peter just made plans for my birthday/our anniversary getaway in less than three weeks. He's keeping most of it a surprise, but I do know we're staying at The George Hotel and dining at KyloeI cannot wait.

I'm off to kiss these sweet faces and bake some more Christmas cookies.  Can you believe 2013 is almost over?

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  1. So glad you and Peter can get away! Sounds lovely. :)