28 December, 2013


Our Christmas was extremely happy this year. We were sent love and gifts from so many friends and family that we all felt entirely too spoiled, and having my brother- and sister-in-law here has been icing on the holiday-time cake.

Christmas morning was slow and relaxing. The little ones slept until almost 9, but the grown ups were all up slightly earlier to cook breakfast and brew coffee.

Santa came to Ivybank this year, and we weren't sure if he was going to because we never believed in him in my house growing up. But Sebastian and Katharina put out cookies, plenty of carrots, and an old fashioned to warm his bones, and he did come.  I'm excited to nurture little imaginations.

The night of Christmas Eve we opened pyjamas, read stories, and sang songs. After the little ones were in bed we opened a bottle of wine and did some last minute wrapping.

Sebastian got more Brio pieces to add to his collection, some of which were Peter's from when he was Sebastian's age, and Katharina got a wooden farm and animals. Philippa got her first doll, and when I asked her if it was worth the wait, she nodded vigorously, kissed the doll's face and whispered "yeah.

Interview season is upon Peter now, but he has thoroughly enjoyed having nothing to do, and I love to see him sitting around laughing hysterically at Looney Tunes

We're so thankful for rest and our toasty home, faithful friends and family, and as Sebastian and Katharina would say-- "Jesus is born!"

Happy Christmas, all. We're still celebrating over here.

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  1. O, that all looks like entirely too much fun. Merry Christmas!

    Beautiful pictures, too. :)