04 December, 2013


Next week is finals and we can't wait to get Christmas decorations out and kick our feet up! Peter's brother and sister arrive in 16 days and Philippa is 13 months today. It's 43º here today but I swear it feels like 23º.

Happy midweek, everyone!

Currently, on my browser:

This New York home could be my forever home. I love floating about, but do look forward to the day I can choose my wall colours and furniture.

If we have another baby, I would get this high chair.

We're thinking of doing this to Katharina's hair.

I'm enjoying this pretty blog.

This twins hugging video is like a peek into the womb. It makes me happy on so many levels. I'm so glad to see newborn twins not hooked up to anything electronic.

A friend just introduced me to Mokkasin. Gorgeous stuff.

Madewell has beautiful dresses in their 'new arrivals'. I'm loving the plaid tartan this year

How great is this master bedroom? (especially the desk).

Peter has asked for Beef Wellington this holiday season.

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