30 December, 2013


We're all sad Christmas is over so soon-- after so much anticipation I think it should be more than a day.  But our tree is still up and the holidays are still in swing here-- in one week we have Christmas, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, and the New Year.

We've baked and eaten a lot, and are enjoying showing Peter's brother and sister around St Andrews.  Friday was my birthday, and Peter took me to Edinburgh for the night to celebrate. Saturday we had dinner, dessert, and drinks with some local friends here.

We don't have snow, but have had plenty of low temps, wind, and rain in the past week.  The cold wind is one of my favourite things about Scotland.

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  1. Aliza, Anna and I read this together. We squealed at all the cute pictures of the littles. The first picture (of the house) is especially gorgeous. We wish we were there with you guys!