02 December, 2013


This year we pulled the bird out of the oven after 7pm and it was the latest Thanksgiving dinner any of us had had.

Our turkey was from a Scottish poultry farm that raises all their birds in wide open pastures 24/7. 

I'd never brined a bird in my life and now I'll never cook one without brining it first. The recipe we used can be found here.

We celebrated with 11 friends-- Americans and a of couple Brits-- and this year everyone brought a dish or two to share. In proper American-style, there was plenty of food to go around and buttons were busting.

After dinner we started a bonfire in our back garden and people floated between the dessert in the dining room and the warm fire out back.  Our last guests left after 12:30 and Peter had the kitchen back in shape just after 1am (he sent me to bed!).

The holiday season is when we want to be with our families the most, but we have a lot to be thankful for and are glad to have been able to celebrate with really great friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. ah, man. What a great time! Love your simple greenery on the table. Katharina looks too old to be just two, and that smile of Sebastian's - ah!

  2. LOVE Sebastian's smile! Thanks for hosting such a lovely dinner. :)