01 January, 2014


Happy 2014! We welcomed the new year with drinks and card games around our toasty fireplace and finished off the night singing, and Peter on his guitar.  It was definitely a high of my 2013. 

This morning Peter made us corn beef hash from scratch, with over easy eggs on top. He even brined the beef since the only corned beef that we can find in Britain in tinned. 

After breakfast we walked to the park so Sebastian and Katharina could show Ruby and Gabe how they throw pinecones in the water. While splashing in the stream, Katharina took a fall. . .we dumped about a cupful of water from each wellie. Needless to say, her outing was shortened.

Sebastian loved the bowl (which he's never liked in the past) and seesaw, and Philippa nearly fell asleep in the swing.

When we were thoroughly chilled we went home to make a pot of tea and found these two cozied up together watching Looney Tunes.

I am so thankful to have my brother- and sister-in-law here for the holidays. Their company has made this season extra warm and cosy. We've spent nearly every night since their arrival laughing, eating + drinking, and staying up too late to enjoy each others' company.

2013 was wonderful and full of excitement; we're all eager to see what 2014 holds.

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