17 January, 2014


I've kind of had a flop of a day, or according to my own standards.  It was a morning where I just woke up tired. Do you know the kind?  The bedroom was too light, too hot, too cold, my pillow was too high.

The truth is, I was up too late watching movies with my husband. We went to a new pub in town after the little ones were in bed and came home to watch a cop comedy about a stolen diamond.

Today Katharina and I had a homemade mayo fail, my tallow balm smells like roasted potatoes, and our dirty laundry has overtaken the dining room-- a result of the several-day vacation I granted myself this winter break.

Internships for the summer are weighing heavily. Peter's been away a dozen times since finals week, to London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow, on the phone with Hong Kong here and Zurich there. We're thankful to have opportunities (and so many of them!) and I have had to lay my expectations for this 5-week holiday to rest, because him flying out of the country a dozen times wasn't what I expected.

This is good. God is good.

While I'm complaining about being so tired because my husband has traveled nonstop this month, he's been the one to pack and prepare and travel and interview. He's clocked a couple dozen hours at the library over his break and some days his phone and email blow up because he's just that great at it. And I haven't heard him complain in the seven years I've known him.

Philippa pointed to purple last night and said "puh-ple" but her favourite colour is blue. 

Whenever we're on our way out the door Katharina will call, while sliding her arms into her coat, "Alright, chickadees! Let's go." (That's all of us-- we're chickadees).

Our twins painted their bedroom in poo.

Sebastian got a '-gatti' at the toy shop on his way home from his Papa date and I don't know if I've seen him happier than when he walked through the front door. He dug deep in his coat pocked and pulled out the biscuit half he'd saved for Katharina and proudly showed her his new Bugatti. Katharina squealed, "Wooow, Sebby!". He tried hot-cocoa for the first time but wasn't a fan. Peter said it was too sweet for our brussel sprout king.

Philippa has started walking all over the place and her vocabulary has expanded exponentially this week. She likes our reactions when she says a new word almost perfectly.

This weekend we're starting an extensive list of our favourite things about this season and the hardest things that we've faced since coming to St Andrews so wherever we are we'll never forget the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We've moved the girls together into one bedroom so Sebastian now has his own. It was an attempt to eliminate the bed stripping, bed-hopping, and poo-painting altogether, because twins sometimes encourage each other to do such things. I think you can imagine.
The girls are tickled to be together, but I look forward to being able to move them all together-- Sebastian and Katharina have shared a bed for more than half of their lives and Philippa insists she's older than 14 months so it seems natural to let them all have slumber parties every night.

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you probably missed our family finger paint night and our family walk at the creek.

Tonight I'll have a pot of tea with Mr Hopkins and read another chapter in the novel we're reading together. I'll probably nibble my toddlers' toes and file my nails too. And fold the towels.

Happy Friday, friends. Be sure to kiss your husband when he walks in the door and squeeze your littles so tight they grunt. 

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