29 January, 2014


A friend gave us some of these knives. They are amazing.

tiny house can be so appealing.

Have you ever seen so much love?

Peter and I are watching Justified and I am hooked.

We're also reading this book together. So suspenseful!

My mother-in-law just introduced me to this online herb shop based in the UK. You can imagine how thrilled I am.

I needed this about life's conversations this week.

I'm thinking about this swimsuit for our next holiday.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's been a tough one for me and a nap is in order. Peter got home from London late last night and is Edinburgh today and I'm so very thankful for all we have but eager for things to settle down a bit.

My littles are down and I'm off to massage my temples with valor and take a rest. Peter and I have a date to talk about our future tonight. He restores my soul; be still.


  1. Love that bathing suit!

    (Also, the link for "this woman" does not work.)

    Happy Midweek! :) xox

  2. your future in Scotland? Yeah? Okay great!!! :D