25 February, 2014


Yesterday the littles and I made these balloon creatures-- balloons filled with dried beans, grains, and seeds. They make great little beanbags for tossing into baskets, playing catch, or kneading with little hands, and filling them alone was almost more excitement than the littles could handle.

Ideally, one would have a funnel to do this, but we didn't, so I held the balloons open and Sebastian and Katharina filled them using a measuring spoon (the blanket did need shaken out afterwards).

We filled ours with wheatgrass berries, pinto beans, orzo, long grain rice, quinoa, and popcorn kernels. You can use whatever you like. The quinoa was my favourite.

After we tied them shut, we drew faces on them-- bumblebees, a fly, a butterfly, lion, mouse, flower, smiley face. . .

When we were finished we made a game of seeing who could toss the most into a basket; Sebastian won by a long shot.

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  1. PERFECT! Doing this today. :)

    p.s. what gorg natural light you have. ;)