24 February, 2014


Hello, over there. I realise it's been a long time since updating, but all is well.

Our weekend was great, and this sweet, sweet Monday has exceeded just tolerable. 

The children are thriving. Sebastian and Katharina are asking questions and learning at an almost unfathomable pace; we never cease praying we can keep up with them and continue to develop their sense of wonder and excitement and discovery. Katharina has been potty trained for about a month now and Sebastian appears to be training himself. It's only a matter of days before our diaper bill decreases significantly. 

Philippa says loads of words and some two-word combinations, her favourite colour is still blue, she loves bringing us her coat and shoes and asks 'on?'. Dogs make her squeal.

Peter's agenda is quite full, but he's nearly always home for dinner and the rich family time we've been having blesses my socks off.  He spends, on average, several hours each day counselling students through mid-uni relationship crises or helping students with CVs, covering letters, and applications for prospective jobs. He's especially looking forward to some r+r over spring break (he deserves it).

I am well, and feeling blessed upon blessed for this wee family I have and my husband who makes me staying home with our children possible. I was out until the wee hours of the morning Friday and Saturday nights and spent most of Sunday after church snoozing in bed. I'm still digging deep into the study of natural medicine, feeding my family real, whole foods, and reading books & watching Youtube photography tutorials on the side.

It only seems fitting that updates should have a paragraph dedicated to the weather. For those who are wondering-- the sunshine is glorious today.  Something about not seeing it every day makes me appreciate it all the more.

Speaking of sunshine, we leave for Cyprus in 18 days. Who would have guessed that Americans living in Scotland potentially cannot return to Scotland if they exit Cyprus via the Turkish North, and flying into the Greek South poses its own issues as you attempt to rent a car and drive it into the Occupied Area (read: across the border). Nevertheless, we've conquered the complications of a divided country and have obtained a lovely villa in a hilltop village inhabited by just 150 Maronites.
We're looking forward to picking whatever is in season-- oranges, lemons, grapefruit, olives, or carobs-- straight from our own trees. Katharina is most excited about donkey rides in the village and Sebastian would like to take a boat ride. Philippa hopes she can sleep on the plane.

Thats all on us for now.  Have a lovely Monday!

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