21 March, 2014


Hello from Cyprus! I'm in a wee cafe-- the only one in the village-- sharing tea and wifi. The people here shout, and it took me a bit to realise they weren't yelling at me.

We're in the North now, in our tiny village called Kormakitis, but we spent our first day here in the South, exploring the city of Nicosia where Peter's aunt and uncle are living.  

Sebastian loved the friendly but feral cats everywhere. Katharina's favourite part was dancing for the camera in the Happy in Niosia video (see Happy in ParisHappy in Beijing). Philippa was the star of the day and received over a dozen hugs and kisses from smitten men.

The centre of Nicosia is split directly through the middle between the Greek South and Turkish North. We walked through the South and had our passports stamped to cross to the north for lunch. We feasted on stuffed grape leaves with sheep's milk yoghurt, lamb meatballs, spinach pastries, and Turkish coffee at Büyük Han.

I'm headed home to get some sun on the terrace, but here is a taste of our journey here and our day in the city.


  1. Oh, it's so beautiful! The pictures are lovely, too. What a fantastic experience for you all. xoxo