07 March, 2014


Our new favourite place to visit Saturdays is the Duck Pond. We bought a giant loaf of bread and walked a beautiful half-an-hour down the Lade Braes.

Despite what some days say, Spring is on its way and the snowdrops and crocuses are in full bloom.  The birds were singing and that is one of Sebastian's favourite sounds and Peter was off and he's my favourite person; the day was perfect. 

The littles even got their first taste of white bread.

In other news, Peter's last piece of coursework before Spring Break is due Sunday and Katharina and I are wondering how early we can start packing.

If all goes as planned, there a couple fun posts coming next week along with 52 Weeks and a delicious cookie biscuit recipe, so check back! 

And happy, happy Friday, readers!

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  1. I can't wait to show Ralphie these pictures in the morning. He will go nuts when he sees the duck pictures. What is it with little ones and ducks? :) Love that picture of Katharina, and Philippa looks way too grown up.