22 April, 2014


Easter for us was quiet this year. We had a delicious top-cut of beef rubbed with garlic and sea salt, with butter-garlic mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, and peppercorn sauce. 

We've enjoyed discussing Easter with the children this year, watching them absorb far more than before. If you ask them why we're celebrating, they'll tell you. They stand up in their chairs and shout that the tomb is empty and He is not dead and Jesus is Risen! And that good news is reason to be glad.

The joy that fills their hearts when we exclaim it together. The questions that come from their lips because they don't fully know what sacrifice and redemption mean, but do they ever want to know and their tiny lips will pray it anyway. 

Saturday morning the littles and I went to our first Teddy Bear Birthday Party and in the afternoon when Peter was home, had an egg hunt in the back garden. Peter made them each paper cones as their baskets, which we would have embellished had we more self-control and weren't so eager to wake them up. 
The egg hunt had been talked up all week and was cuter than words-- three toddlers scurrying for eggs, opening each one to eat the contents before moving on for the next.

This Easter we rejoiced over an empty tomb and victory over death and hope for those who believe, and this year we mourned.

Thursday night one of my best friends and mentor passed from this earth. She was one of the most influential people in my life. When Peter's hours were longer than I was expecting, she knew what to say because she had been there exactly, she was the person I called when my little ones were sick and I wasn't sure how to treat them.

She questioned me and challenged me, and with her husband, was the most instrumental person in encouraging us to take the leap in moving to Scotland. She was the best one at helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel when days were long, and shortly before her death, she and her husband legally named us as potential guardians, should anything happen to both of them, of their three young children. 

Her style, her values, her lifestyle, I admired -- she was what I hope to be someday. To say she's influenced my life would be an understatement. 

Our hearts are broken and my life is changed. We mourn, but not as those without hope, and for the certainty we have, I am eternally grateful.

This week I'm finding balance in grieving and living; this blog will potentially take the back burner as Peter and I prepare to return to Ohio with Philippa for the funeral. We'll be leaving Sebastian and Katharina in the absolute best of hands here. 

How meaningful Easter is; we are so thankful He has risen indeed.


  1. Your words are so beautiful. I am so sorry of your loss. Prayers to her family and to your grieving heart. <3

  2. I love the picture in my head of them running from egg to egg, eating the contents first, before moving on. Adorable.

    Your tribute to Leann was beautiful, too. What a blessing to have had her wisdom to learn from for so many years.

  3. Emily and I and our church are praying for you, your family, and dear friends. We love you all so much.