11 April, 2014


Shortly after  meeting Peter I was struck by how frequently he suffered from nosebleeds, how long they lasted, and how much blood he lost throughout the bleed. They would come every few weeks and were difficult to stop.

They seemed to intensify when we moved to Scotland, which we believed was due to the cold climate and mold in the house we were in at the time.

But we've discovered a cure that dries up a nosebleed within seconds, and for Peter, they haven't returned in over 9 months.

Oregano has a strong and spicy aroma that creates feelings of security. It supports the respiratory system and has strong immune-enhancing qualities (we love oregano for killing viruses, but more on that at another time).

Here's our simple method:

  • oregano essential oil (please be sure you're using therapeutic-grade oils. These are the only kind I endorse. You can read why here).
  • cotton wool

Place 2-3 drops of oregano essential oil on cotton wool (Americans, read: cotton ball). Rub over blood vessels on forearm for 30 seconds on. Remove, and repeat with fresh cotton bud and oil.


  1. Do you keep rub and repeat until the blood stops flowing?

    1. we've only ever had to do it those two times before the blood stops, but I suppose you could repeat again if you wanted/felt you needed.