27 May, 2014


We're excitedly packing away over here in preparation for our move to Edinburgh next week. The littles have had playdates and trips to the park every morning this week thanks to awesome friends eager to help make the move as smooth as possible. Our friends are seriously so awesome, I can hardly think about leaving permanently next summer.

We're incredibly excited to get settled in our Edinburgh flat and visit some of our favourite places from last summer (see herehere) and I'm already scheming an immediate family trip to my favourite area in the city-- Stockbridge-- for a morning at the Stockbridge Market. We may even make the trek out to the Royal Botanic Gardens again.

Here's another Two for Today. Happy Tuesday!

1. dinner helper  2. a morning run at the cemetery.

26 May, 2014


Sebastian Grey// captain of a pirate ship overlooking the Firth of Forth.
Katharina McCallum// swings all day at yesterday's barbecue.
Philippa Byrde// playing peek-a-boo in the garden tent.

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21 May, 2014


This week the little ones had their first soaking experience-- per St Andrews tradition, when a final year student finishes their last exam ever, their close friends all wait outside the exam building to drench them with water (or sometimes vinegar, syrup, or glitter, if you can sneak it past the security guys). 

After the soaking we enjoyed champagne (o.j. for the littles) and snacks back at Peter and Ana's house and a late dinner at Forgan's after the littles were put to bed.

Also, Peter is finished tomorrow and we are looking forward to a great but busy weekend. Housing for June, July and August is sorted, and today is 64ºF and so perfect.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Below are some soaking photos and midweek links.

Check out these tricycles.

I love the knit dolls from BlaBla Kids 

This kitchen is now on Katharina's wish list after testing it out this morning.

Currently reading this book and my heart is even stronger for adoption.

A lot of maternity clothes are incredibly blah, others make me want to be pregnant right now.

These photos are beautiful. 

. . . so are these.

I love jumpsuits. This one from Zara is no exception. 

This Instagram account is full of beauty. You won't regret having her in your feed.

You know how I want to know what is in every one of our household products. Tooth soap is my next project.

Have you seen the new MOTHER site? I am in love!

19 May, 2014


Sebastian Grey//  asked for a date to get smoothies and check out the toy shops.
Katharina McCallum//  "aren't I a babe, mama? Like you."
Philippa Byrde//  thinks vacuum cleaners are called "scary".

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16 May, 2014


I've heard the crickets over here too, but we've been so busy that blogging has been far from my mind. Busy mostly savouring the big and little moments of being a mama.  I actually did just one load of laundry this week and played catch-up this morning while a friend took the littles to the park (thanks, Jenny!).

This week we've been to the park three times, the library twice, have had company and home group, a playdate, a girl's night out, baked a pie, danced to live music in town, but our favourite trip may have been meeting Peter for a mid-day coffee date after playgroup (where Katharina requested Let it Go in the music circle).

It's been a perfect week, really.

Life's been full and good, and I like to drink it up without constantly snapping pictures. What child wants to grow up with every activity they ever did documented in photos? Some memories are best kept at that-- memories.

We've been blessed with beautifully mild weather, and the sun even peeked out for a bit. Yesterday was a whopping 64ºF. That was the one day this week I grabbed my camera for some warm, over-exposed shots in the garden.

It's the season of finals, but I'm so glad the weekend is here; we're ringing it in by barbecuing with friends in the back garden. Peter's finished with the third year of his degree in six days. Happy Friday! 

12 May, 2014


Sebastian Grey// this bear has been a comfort to three generations now. Sebastian says daily, "Papa, thank you so much for giving me this new bear Clyde."
Katharina McCallum// said at dinner last night, "I can't fall asleep without Sebastian."
Philippa Byrde// loves spending time reading and cleaning up toys by herself, mostly because when she's not alone she's being smothered in kisses and nibbled to bits.

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10 May, 2014

10 ON 10 // MAY










1. geared up for a sunny walk  2. this is Scotland  3. morning trip to the library  4. her favourite {and the only} 'ice cream cow' in town   5. a heavy rain storm  6. bathing Lightning McQueen  7. Sebastian's wall art-- so everyone knows which bed is his  8. sunshine after rain after nap  9. the amount of bananas we will eat in a week.  10. "look how strong I am! now please get me down."

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08 May, 2014


Have you seen all that can be made with mashed avocados? Carob and honey? Coconuts? Real food is amazing.

Along with eating primarily gluten-free, we've put Sebastian on a dairy-free diet. Here are three fairly guiltless desserts (plus one splurge for a date-night-in) I can't wait to try, and our wee man can enjoy them too.

Avocado, chocolate, chocolate, avocado. Perfect.

05 May, 2014

17/52 + 18/52

Week 17:

Sebastian Grey// has been asking, "Mama, you not going anywhere today?" every day since we got back from Ohio. (photo this week by his Papa).
Katharina McCallum// life right now is mostly about singing and Frozen and singing Frozen. (photo this week by her Papa).
Philippa Byrde// turned 18 months yesterday and has also dropped her morning nap.

Week 18:

Sebastian Grey// woke up to a digger and dump truck working on the path right outside our front door. Watching them work and eating his breakfast outside he said, "Oh mama, this is just so awesome."
Katharina McCallum// daily says "Aren't I so byoo-ti-ful?", as she gives her dress a twirl. (We're looking for balance there as well).
Philippa Byrde// still tries really hard to keep up but often has to slow down for a snuggle with her lovey.

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