05 May, 2014

17/52 + 18/52

Week 17:

Sebastian Grey// has been asking, "Mama, you not going anywhere today?" every day since we got back from Ohio. (photo this week by his Papa).
Katharina McCallum// life right now is mostly about singing and Frozen and singing Frozen. (photo this week by her Papa).
Philippa Byrde// turned 18 months yesterday and has also dropped her morning nap.

Week 18:

Sebastian Grey// woke up to a digger and dump truck working on the path right outside our front door. Watching them work and eating his breakfast outside he said, "Oh mama, this is just so awesome."
Katharina McCallum// daily says "Aren't I so byoo-ti-ful?", as she gives her dress a twirl. (We're looking for balance there as well).
Philippa Byrde// still tries really hard to keep up but often has to slow down for a snuggle with her lovey.

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  1. They really are too much. My heart just swells. I love that he asks you if you are going anywhere. Precious boy.