21 May, 2014


This week the little ones had their first soaking experience-- per St Andrews tradition, when a final year student finishes their last exam ever, their close friends all wait outside the exam building to drench them with water (or sometimes vinegar, syrup, or glitter, if you can sneak it past the security guys). 

After the soaking we enjoyed champagne (o.j. for the littles) and snacks back at Peter and Ana's house and a late dinner at Forgan's after the littles were put to bed.

Also, Peter is finished tomorrow and we are looking forward to a great but busy weekend. Housing for June, July and August is sorted, and today is 64ºF and so perfect.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Below are some soaking photos and midweek links.

Check out these tricycles.

I love the knit dolls from BlaBla Kids 

This kitchen is now on Katharina's wish list after testing it out this morning.

Currently reading this book and my heart is even stronger for adoption.

A lot of maternity clothes are incredibly blah, others make me want to be pregnant right now.

These photos are beautiful. 

. . . so are these.

I love jumpsuits. This one from Zara is no exception. 

This Instagram account is full of beauty. You won't regret having her in your feed.

You know how I want to know what is in every one of our household products. Tooth soap is my next project.

Have you seen the new MOTHER site? I am in love!

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  1. What a fun tradition!

    We have friends whose little boy's lovey item is the Socks the Fox doll. I'm partial to Licorice the Dog, though. :) Such great toys!