16 May, 2014


I've heard the crickets over here too, but we've been so busy that blogging has been far from my mind. Busy mostly savouring the big and little moments of being a mama.  I actually did just one load of laundry this week and played catch-up this morning while a friend took the littles to the park (thanks, Jenny!).

This week we've been to the park three times, the library twice, have had company and home group, a playdate, a girl's night out, baked a pie, danced to live music in town, but our favourite trip may have been meeting Peter for a mid-day coffee date after playgroup (where Katharina requested Let it Go in the music circle).

It's been a perfect week, really.

Life's been full and good, and I like to drink it up without constantly snapping pictures. What child wants to grow up with every activity they ever did documented in photos? Some memories are best kept at that-- memories.

We've been blessed with beautifully mild weather, and the sun even peeked out for a bit. Yesterday was a whopping 64ºF. That was the one day this week I grabbed my camera for some warm, over-exposed shots in the garden.

It's the season of finals, but I'm so glad the weekend is here; we're ringing it in by barbecuing with friends in the back garden. Peter's finished with the third year of his degree in six days. Happy Friday! 

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  1. Love all that sunshine on those sweet little faces. <3 Can't believe Peter is nearly finished with his third year!