10 June, 2014

10 ON 10 || JUNE

I can't hardly believe we're into June! 10 on 10 is one of my favourite projects this year, if I can just remember to keep my camera within arm's reach all day.

Be sure to take a peek at Holly's 10 on 10 this month as well.

1. breakfast stuck to her face, bed-head, morning light  2. a construction site outside our new living room window = the best thing he didn't think to ask for  3. some of a feverish boy's best friends.  4. we all have loved having him home everyday this week.  5. a mid-morning snack of frozen green peas  6. little window-watchers  7. post-nap sink bath  8. real snuggles, fake sleeps  9. sometimes even dirty, jagged-nailed, little boy hands need cleaned up  10. city life


  1. INCREDIBLE! This is possibly my favorite collection of pictures you've taken to date. They are all so beautiful individually, but together really make a statement. :D

  2. I love that one of Peter, especially. :) And Edinburgh... and Pippa Byrde in the sink...