27 June, 2014


I may have burst out in a Rebecca Black-inspired dance this morning at breakfast. It feels really rewarding to have made it to Friday of this week. Peter jumped into work head-first and while it's been rewarding and a great learning experience, it's been an intense 70+ hour week after two weeks of holiday.

Peter learned that the Edinburgh office is casual, so his newly-tailored suits are hanging in the closet for London next month. The office is a stone's haggis throw away which allowed him to come home for lunch today, and I got a hair cut!

He's working with great people, loves the project he was assigned, and has some neat potential  opportunities ahead of him.  Every night he comes home and everything about where we are and what he's doing is confirmed.

Our family routine has changed slightly, where Peter's mornings begin at 6, I wake between 7:30 and 8, and get the littles up around 9. Dinner is now around 7:30, or whenever Peter finishes work. My mom taught me ages ago-- your husband is king of the castle. We don't eat without the king (within reason. Sometimes he gives us the go ahead).

It's taken a bit of adjusting, but thankfully the expectations had been set long before this job started. We're all just so thankful when his homecoming does come around [insert deep sighs and peppermint foot rubs].

We're looking forward to a date-night-in tonight with Chinese take-out and a family trip to the zoo tomorrow (we get to take a double-decker bus. I mean!).

The little ones are all doing well and we're thankful for how adaptable they are. Katharina has exclaimed that she loves this [simple, basic, two-bedroomed, Scottish-carpeted, fourth floor] new home so much she wishes we could stay here "for-ever" (said with the back of her hand to her forehead, head thrown back, foot popped).

In a lot of ways she is drama I never knew existed.

We've been enjoying watching them each undergo different changes as they continue to develop into unique individuals. We're currently practicing living righteously, selflessly, and learning what it means to live as peacemakers that run this ship as a team.

This week we were graced with a table-top performance of "Let it Go", and a near-perfect twin-recitation of Psalm 1.

They're changing in all ways and sizes, and are each only a pound or two more than the other.  They demand a lot of interaction with their ceaseless questions (do you have nipples too?) and clever ideas (said with a crayon in his mouth, "it's a ciga-rat."), and helpfulness ("we must be righteous, guys.").

They remain our little darlings and our pride and joy, and we could never have things another way.

Life is full and absolutely rewarding. We're striving to make every minute intentional and purposeful, and feeling really blessed to have been given all of this.

I'll be back after the weekend. Happy Friday!

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