21 June, 2014


Monday was all sorts of wonderful. We started out amazed that we were all out of the house dressed, hair combed, and shoes on every foot, before 11.  I realise it sounds totally feasible-- I have friends eating morning snacks at the park at 9am. My sister drives to a park for a morning walk at 8:30. But we are not that family.

We all sleep in at any chance we get and that means if there's no church, no playgroup, no work, you better believe we sleep until 10. One day last week we got the kids up at 11:15. (I cannot complain).

We walked towards Tolcross Road at the beautiful hour of 10:37 a.m., past the firehouse and perhaps my favourite health food store (bulk grains, gluten-free, raw honey, local produce-- they have it all!), to a playground we discovered last week in The Meadows.

After over an hour of play we walked through the green space to have a morning snack on a bench, which only encouraged our appetites. We walked up Middle Meadow Walk to Forrest Street, popped into a booming charity shop (purchased the perrfect dress), and made our way to Oink on Victoria Street.

We appreciated the simplicity of Oink-- no side dishes and only a table or two, but deelicious pulled pork sandwiches made from a roasted hog lying right in the window.

If you can't get a seat at one of their tables (which proves tricky as the place is hopping-- they are only open as long as the day's hog lasts), carry your foil-wrapped rolls down the hill to bustling Grassmarket where there are loads of benches.

We wrapped up the day with naps for the littles, chicken alfredo, and later, an episode of Planet Earth before bedtime. It was the perfect way to finish out this long holiday. Next up: employment! Ha.

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  1. Such a happy day. :) Laughed through those first couple paragraphs. Sleep til 10 am... Daniel actually suggested some drug-induced coma so we could sleep in just one day a week. :P

    One another note - that picture of Katharina made me do a double take. So much of her Hopkins aunties in her in that picture!