07 June, 2014


We returned to the National Museum of Scotland this week, but this time Peter was able to come along and again, none of us were let down. This place really is spectacular. 

This time we found the little ones were all too big for the Imagine Room and were happiest exploring the actual museum. Sebastian's favourite part was driving an F1 car, Katharina liked the giraffe in the Wildlife Room and riding the escalator, and Philippa's favourite was the snowshoe hare (or, "bunny! a bunny!").

We ate our packed lunches on a bench on the ground floor and said next time we'll try to arrive earlier  in the morning to give even more time to explore. This museum is extraordinary-- two (ten?) thumbs up from our family!

You can see our trip to the NMS last year here.


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  2. What an awesome place! Definitely on the list for if - WHEN! - we visit! :)

  3. If you visit the museum at weekends, there's a lunch room on the bottom floor that you can use if you bring your own lunch. It's normally used by school groups during the week, but it's open to everyone at weekends. We may have utilised it a few times ourselves when we've visited the museum :) Definitely looking forward to visits with our own little one in the not too distant future!

    1. We knew about the lunch room but purposely opted for somethng less removed from the museum. :)

    2. Yeah, it's not the nicest of rooms. Every time we've visited the museum has been packed and all of the benches have been taken, so it's handy to have it as an alternative :)